Discover a destination for all seasons!

Named after their three pillars, the Ionian Trilogy Villas focus on Hospitality, Culture and Nature. Guests are welcome to enjoy an eclectic range of high-end services, plunge in their private pool, relax in intimate and tranquil surroundings and unwind in beautifully appointed rooms of high aesthetics amidst the sea and sky, near the island’s most touristy spots and yet in a place evoking peace and calm. To further enhance the quality of their guests stay the enchanting Ionian Trilogy Villas provide a great array of activities and services aiming to acquaint guests with the area including tours and excursions to archeological sites and areas of historical importance, horseback riding adventures, boat tours and trips to the nearby island of Ithaca, organized visits to museums, hiking and trekking tours to Ainos mountain, sports and wellness activities, scuba diving explorations and cooking sessions led by local chefs.